About Berner Gifts

About Berner Gifts

Our Story: When we met Bernie, our Bernese Mountain Dog, it was love at first site. We had recently started our lives together and up until Bernie, i had only adopted shelter pets and strays my entire life. I wanted my elder rescue Jordan, now pushing 15 years old, to have a companion and thought he could be a good role model to train a new furry family member.

Our Bernese Mountain Dog, like many, seems to think he’s a human in a dogs body and never met another furry friend he didn’t like. If he could speak human, or English, we are pretty sure, he’d want to help shelter pets. So….that’s one of the purposes of this Bernese Mountain Dog gift site.

A portion of the proceeds from Bernergifts.com will be donated semi-annually to local shelters in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas including: PetPal Animal Shelter in St Petersburg, FL and Hernando County Animal Services.

Feel free to let us know what type of Bernese Mountain Dog gifts you’d like to see available on the site. Also, please LIKE our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bernergifts and share it with others.